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What Energetic Mentality are You Choosing to Exist in?

When someone chooses to create a shift in their life, they usually begin seeking change because they realise that the state of consciousness they are living in, is not supporting them, but rather robbing them of their birthright of Joy & Peace. .

Before you read on: If you are not yet familiar with the foundational teachings of Grace Love Peace and want to understand your Inner Aspects of Being better… read this first.

'To Me' Mentality... Where the Inner Critic Lives.

The 'To Me' Mentality Is the home of the Inner Critic; this is the space where you find yourself swimming in the 'effects' of the events that arise in your life; this is when the individual see’s themselves at the effects of the people, circumstances and events that are happening in their life. The belief is that as things are happening, they are happening ‘to them.’

Those who live in a 'To Me' mentality assign blame to others and themselves for the current condition of their life and relationships.

Their conversations and thoughts are dominated by WHY questions:

  • Why me?

  • Why again?

  • Why now?

  • Why is this happening?

  • What have I done to deserve this?

In the space of the Inner Critic, there is no ownership of your emotions as your attention is focused outward, putting blame and judgment on others for what you are experiencing. This situation is the space where thought patterns are dominated by trying to control the external environment in the hope of feeling better within.

Thought patterns that seek to control the external situation ruminate over and over in the mind. Thoughts such as:

  • Will He? Won't She?

  • He should do this; She shouldn’t do that.

  • That’s not fair / this is not right

  • I have to / I should/ I need to / I must.

The Inner Critic is most at home in the 'To Me' mentality, as this is the state of victimhood. There will be a harsh judgment of self and others. Harsh judgment of what is right and wrong according to their model of the world. Being ‘Right’ is what makes them feel safe and in control.

‘To Me’ Mentality Defined:

  • This is the state of blame and judgment of self and others.

  • This is the state of living blindly in the ‘effects’ of your life.

  • This is a state of Victimhood Consciousness.

  • This is the energy that reinforces: I AM Lack.

  • This is the energy that is driven by fear!

  • Not surprisingly; “To Me” consciousness is where disease and depression thrive.

How to release yourself from a 'To Me' Mentality:

  • Letting go of blame, judgment and the need to be right!

  • Take personal responsibility: Shift your mental focus - let go of blame and judgment - and replace it with non-judgmental observation.

  • Create a relationship with yourself, rather than being externally focused on trying to manipulate and control situations, outcomes and other peoples actions and reactions toward you.

When you take full responsibility for your feelings and emotions/actions and reactions, you begin to become the ‘creator’ of your world, and the experience’s within it, you shift out of the ‘To Me

Mentality,’ and move into a ‘By Me Consciousness.’

“By Me” Consciousness: Where The Inner Witness Rules

'By Me' consciousness is the state of non-judgmental observation. Choosing to exist from the space of the “Inner Witness,” is the art of living in co-creation with Divine Universal Energies.

The 'By Me' consciousness manifests when you shift from living in the “victimhood” of the Inner Critic to living from the non-judgmental perspective of Your Inner Witness.

The space of the Inner Witness is where you observe your thought patterns and take 100% responsibility for how you are feeling, and what you are experiencing. In this space, self-judgment falls away, your self love blossoms, and you become the co-creator of your reality.

In 'By Me' consciousness the individual knows, no matter what is happening, or unfolding in their life… ‘all is as it should be.’ When something challenging appears in their life, they know it is an invitation to show up differently then they did while living in the “To Me” Mentality of the Inner Critic.

Instead of trying to control the outcome of the situation and the people within it, you choose to focus on what YOU are experiencing in response to the situation. When you are living in a 'By Me' state of consciousness, you can see the gifts and growth opportunities in every situation. (both the good and the bad) Even when life feels chaotic, unfair or painful, you know in your heart that whatever is happening, it is an invitation for your soul’s growth, even if you can't see it in the present moment.

You choose to heed the situation the universe has created, and you fully commit yourself to it, instead of judging it or blaming yourself or others for it.

In this space, you have less need to be in control or be ‘right’ in both your relationships and life experiences. In this frequency, you become the driving ‘cause’ of your human experience and begin co-creating with the Universe. You live in the Inner Witness state, observing without judgment, how you are experiencing and responding to everything that arises in your life.

In the 'By Me' consciousness, You are aware of when you are pulled into old habits of the Inner Critic’s patterns, beliefs, and behaviors of 'victimhood mentality.’ Still, you know you have a choice, instead of turning your attention outward to find blame for what you are experiencing, you turn inward to the wise guidance of Your Inner Witness to let go of the limiting and fear-based thoughts of the Inner Critic.

When you are authentically living in ‘By Me’ consciousness, what you genuinely desire begins manifesting in your life, and you are free of the ‘Victimhood habits’ of blame and judgment of your self and others. Instead, you are at peace within yourself and your self-love blossoms.

Your relationships remain in harmony because your attention is focused inwards on what you are experiencing, not focused outwards trying to control or manipulate others or the situation. Responding from a place of ‘conscious awareness,’ and not ‘victimhood defensiveness’ allows you to shape the reality and emotional landscape of your life.

By Me Consciousness Defined:

  • This is the space free of blame, judgment and the need to be right.

  • This is the space of self-love and non-judgmental self-observation.

  • This is the frequency where you become the ‘Cause’ of your life experience.

  • This is the space of trusting ‘all is as it should be.’

  • This is the energy that reinforces I AM Enough!

  • "By Me” consciousness is where you become the co-creator of your life.

The art of taking ‘By Me’ Consciousness to a deeper level of embodiment.

As you master living in the space of the Inner Witness, in a 'By Me' mentality you will notice ease and flow that naturally unfolds in the day to day life. 'Stuff' still happens, yet your response now is one of acceptance and trust that, whatever is happening in your life, it is an invitation and opportunity for you to respond from a place of love and trust, not fear and lack. This is the beginning of living in Through Me Consciousness.

By taking 100% responsibility for your feelings and emotions, and giving up the need for control, you naturally surrender to the uncertainty of life, and through me, consciousness begins to develop.

Living in your True Self….

The consciousness where Unconditional Love Flows ‘Through You’ & ‘Emanates from You.’

'Through Me’ consciousness organically develops when you authentically surrender your need to control. When you stop trying to manipulate the outcome of situations and other peoples actions and reactions and instead put TRUST in all is as it should be.

When irritation arises, you welcome it, because you now know, if you are being rubbed the wrong way or have been pulled our if your heart space of peace, you are acting out of the patterns, beliefs or behavior of the Inner Critic. You treat the experience as an opportunity to let go of an old lack and fear mindset and release what no longer serves you from a place of love.

When you let go of anyone or anything in your life from a place of anger, judgment, and frustration, you are not releasing the core patterns, beliefs or behaviors that created the situation. If you release from a place of anger, you can rest assure that a similar situation will arise again, perhaps with different actors on a different stage, in a different setting, yet the same plot and ending will play itself out once again.

When you release, patterns, beliefs and behaviors with awareness and unconditional love, the situation and the cause is completely ‘transmuted’ and released fully. Freeing you from lack and fear and propelling you deepening into authentic unconditional love.

'Though Me Consciousness'… Living in the freedom and flow of your True Self!

Living in this frequency, you experience an ongoing state of flow and bliss. There is no longer a need to control, manipulate, or ‘manage’ every aspect of your life. You begin to understand that you and only you create your reality. You fully recognise your power! You are consciously aware of how you are creating your reality. You know it is YOU, who is building all the beautiful things in life and… all of the not so great things in life too. You are creating it all, by the way in which you choose to experience it.

You realise that when something seems uncomfortable, or something painful appears in life; it is an invitation for you to release stagnant patterns, beliefs or behaviors that no longer serve you. You have total control over how you choose to respond behaviourally, emotionally and energetically in every situation that arises.

In this space, You exist in beautiful unison with the Divine Universal Energy. Lifeforce energy pulses and flows through you freely, and unconditional love emanates from you. As you vibrate at the highest frequency of unconditional love, those around you ‘entrain’ to the frequency of abundant self-love also.

Living in this state requires much less physical energy, life becomes a state of ease and flow, where grace perpetually fills your heart, Your self-love knows no limit, and Peace becomes your natural state of being. In this space you exist in the ease and flow in Authentic I AM consciousness.

When living in your True Self, Through Me consciousness emanates from you naturally.

  • This is the energy of I AM LOVE! I AM Enough! I AM Loveable exactly I AM!

  • This is the frequency of creating your reality.

  • This is living in unison with Divine Universal Source Energies.

  • This is creating your personal experience of Heaven on Earth.

  • "Through Me" consciousness requires no physical energy.

  • The Life-Force Energy of Unconditional Self Love flows freely through you and emanates from you.

A book recommendation that beautifully illustrates profound human survival through accessing, Through Me Consciousness: Man's Search for Meaning, by Victor. E. Frankl.


Abundant blessing and joy to you, you beautiful Soul.

Grace Love Peace.

Content inspired by:

The art of ancient wisdom, T. Wilford, The quantum dark heart, G.Cardillo, Skeen SoulTeachings, A Course In Miracles.

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