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Cultivating a Daily Awareness Practice 


There are three components to cultivating a daily awareness practice, yet there are no rules, so you can create your check-in practice however you choose. The goal of cultivating a daily awareness practice is to empower your Inner Witness to lovingly and gently guide the Inner Critic back into harmony, so your True Self can step forward - this is done through observing your inner dialogue without judgment.  


There are three activities that make up a daily awareness practice. Each only take a few seconds to do, yet when blended they are incredibly transformative.  You quickly get to know each aspect of your being and regain control over who is running the show in your head.


The are three components of a Daily Awareness Practice:  


  1. Set: upon waking, set the intention of what frame of mind you want to experience your day in.

  2. Regulate: set regular check-in periods during the day to see who is running the show inside your head.

  3. Reaffirm: when retiring at the end of the day, reaffirm your gratitude for the growth of each aspect of being.    


SET: the morning ritual of setting the intention of what frame of mind you want to experience your day.


'It is said, when you give the Divine the first 5 minutes of your morning,

you can be assured the rest of your day will be Divinely guided'.     

The energy in which you start your morning sets the tone of your day. For many people a regular morning may start something like this:  being jolted awake by an alarm clock, looking at your phone messages the minute you open your eyes, perhaps turning on the news while you grab a coffee and possibly eating some breakfast if you have time.  Finally, rushing about, grabbing what you need to get yourself and anyone else you're responsible for out the door to start the day on time, all the while with your mind racing ahead feeling preoccupied with what didn't get done yesterday, or what you still have to get done today.   


When your day starts like this the Inner Critic is untethered - it has full reign, yet no direction - so it just does what it knows.  It roams around aimlessly between memories of the past, trying to manipulate future outcomes.  It runs the show by keeping you out of the present moment, shutting out your True Self and avoiding your Inner Witness by keeping your attention focused outside of yourself. 

By setting your Vibrational Frequency for the day as soon as you wake up, the subconscious helps get the Inner Critic on board.  When the Inner Critic knows how you want to experience your day, it can work more harmoniously with your Inner Witness. In fact, when you do this, the Inner Critic sighs with relief that it does not have to carry the load of the day all on its own.  


So how do you set your Vibrational Frequency for the day?  You proclaim it so! Upon waking, make the first thing you do when you open your eyes proclaiming to your inner dialogue and to the Universe just how you wish to experience the day.   



  • I choose to be kind and loving to myself today, no matter what arises.  

  • I choose to let my Inner Witness lead my day, and the Divine Universal Energy support me.  

  • I give my worries over to the Divine, so that I may be free to be in the moment and present to my thoughts.

  • I know I’ll be ok at my meeting today. I choose to be present to whatever unfolds. 


You can create whatever personal proclamation you choose; it may change each day depending on what is going on in your life, it may be a statement, or it may be an entire monologue. There is no wrong way to do this - do what works for you and what fits into your schedule.  Making your proclamation to yourself and the universe it the most important thing and it only takes a few seconds. If you want to, and you have the time, you can create more of a ritual around your morning proclamation.      


For example, after your proclamation, you may want to spend  2 minutes reviewing what lies ahead for the day and consciously sending love to everyone you know you are going to see and to the places you know you will be.  If you have more time, you can add a guided meditation such as the I AM Love meditation or a short yoga sequence to your morning ritual. You can create any ritual you like. Simplicity is sophistication...simple and implementable is the key; this is not a make-work project.  


WARNING: The Inner Critic will find excuses to keep you from implementing your daily ritual because it knows when you go inwards, it loses its power to the Inner Witness - It will come up with every excuse it can:

  • You don’t understand how busy I am in the mornings. I've got no time for this. 

  • I have so much to get done in this morning and I just don’t have time today.  

  • There’s nothing major going on today - I don’t need to worry about it.  

  • It all seems too simple to actually work.  


If time is a challenge for you, a good idea is to combine one ritual with another established ritual, such as when you're showering, brushing your teeth, or getting dressed in the morning. Use this time to make your proclamation and have an internal chat; get your three aspects of being working together to support your intention for your day.  


Set, Let, and Trust!  Set your intention. Let it go. Trust in the power of your Inner Witness to take control.


REGULATE: make regular check-ins throughout out the day to see who is running the show.  

Checking in on your internal dialogue throughout the day is the support the Inner Witness needs to be empowered to build its strength. You can use anything you like to remind yourself to go within and see who is running the show inside your head, all you need do is focus on is doing it regularly.


The I AM transformation bands are a great reminder and one of the most simple ways is to set the alarm on your phone at regular intervals. If you do a check-in every hour, you will be amazed at how erratic and active the Inner Critic is and it will be brought back into balance much quicker.  Even if you do this from 8 am to 10 pm - it only takes 10 seconds each time - that's a sum total of 2.5 minutes out of your entire day.  


Important… check-ins are done without judgment. If you find the Inner Critic in charge, don’t shame it or beat yourself up, simply acknowledge it, let the Inner Critic off the hook, assure it that it doesn’t have to do it all on its own, let it know it is supported and consciously ask your Inner Witness and True Self to take over.   


If you find yourself in a relentless loop of the Inner Critic's negative thought system, or a deep worry or anxiety that your cant shake, the best thing to do is give it over to the Divine. 


Remember if the universal intelligence can transform an acorn into an oak tree without human interference, it can help you transform your fear-based thoughts around any issue. All you need do is be willing to release it and realign your thoughts with the Inner Witness. Calling your energy back to yourself is a great practice if you find yourself in this situation.


How to call your energy back to yourself:  

  1. Place your hand over your heart.

  2. Call your energy and your active mind into stillness.

  3. PAUSE & BREATHE - acknowledge what you are experiencing and affirm to yourself “I cannot get to peace in this moment, but I am willing to see things differently”.  

  4. THAT'S IT! - acknowledge that you are willing to see it differently and let it go. The Universe will take it from here.


The Inner critic will always encourage you to fix things by finding a solution outside of yourself.  If you go within and acknowledge that you are willing to see things differently, Universal Source Energy and your Inner Witness come together and allow your True Self to step forward. 


The saying ‘Relax...The Universe has your back’ is true. When you relax the Inner Critic, the Inner Witness brings you back into vibrational alignment and your consciousness back into the present moment, freeing you from the fear-based thought system of the Inner Critic.   


Checking in on who is running the show inside your head at regular intervals is a mind re-training, attention, awareness and observing without judgment that all comes from within.  Looking outside yourself for solutions is what keeps you from meeting your True Self.  


REAFFIRM: reaffirming your gratitude for the growth of each aspect of being that day. 

Before you go to sleep, review your day and give gratitude to your Inner Witness and True Self for all they have done and also give thanks to your Inner Critic for being willing to be loved back into harmony. Making peace in our inner world is what expands it.   


The more you cultivate a daily awareness practice, the stronger the Inner Witness becomes.  When the Inner Witness is in charge, it is only a matter of time before an event will happen in your life where your instantaneous response will be from your True self. It will be a loving response both internally and externally. You will realize the Inner Critic is tamed, Your Inner Witness is more powerful then you can imagine, and Your True Self is pure Divinity.  This is a re-ordering of consciousness… This is the definition of a Miracle.   


It is very important to remember; you need do nothing other than observe. Awakening is an organic process; it is not about changing yourself, fixing yourself or searching for your true self. It is about presence.  Being in the present moment is where miracles happen.  Being in the present moment silences the Inner Critic, strengthens the inner witness and make space for our True Self to step forward.   


Cultivating a daily awareness practice is the foundation of shifting from Human Consciousness where the Inner Critic thrives into I AM Consciousness, where your True Self exists.  

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