Kylie Delfino, of Grace Love Peace, delivers private one on one Vibrational Rebalancing Meditation Sessions at:


PURE Massage & Holistic Therapies & Beyond Yoga & Wellness Centre


Fee for 1-hour session: $125.00+hst.   

 Booking enquiries can be made by calling the locations listed below:

PURE massage & Holistic Therapies

Unit 7, 60 Colchester Sq

Kanata, Ottawa


PHONE: 613-435 -7655 


 Beyond Yoga & Wellness Centre

3-66 Hearst Way, 

Kanata, Ottawa


PHONE: 613-591-9642

What to expect during a Private Crystal Bowl

Vibrational Rebalancing Meditation Session. 

 Your Vibrational Rebalancing Session takes place in a private acoustic sound room while laying on a comfortable massage bed, natural fibre yoga bolsters and blankets are strategically placed around the body to optimize your comfort.


Once you are fully relaxed and comfortable, you will be guided into a breath meditation, followed by 45 minutes of Crystal Bowl Vibrational Rebalancing. No meditation experience is necessary, all that is required is the willingness to receive.


After your treatment, you will be gently woken and invited to enjoy some quiet time with a soothing cup of herbal tea to fully integrate both the mental and physical benefits of your Vibrational Rebalancing Session. 

How Sound Frequencies Work During a Crystal Bowl Meditation.


Every atom, molecule, cell, gland, and organ of the human body absorbs and emits sound. When healthy and relaxed, the entire body vibrates at a fundamental frequency of close to 8 cycles of sound per second.  A stressful lifestyle, busy schedules and modern living increase this fundamental tempo in our body, making us feel out of balance and overly stimulated.  


The beat of the electromagnetic field of the earth itself, is 7.83Hz  per second, the same as the resonance sound of the crystal bowls. The sound frequency of the crystal bowls entrains and attunes the brain and physical body to this rhythmic beat of 7.83Hz per second rebalancing both the brain frequencies and the parasympathetic nervous system to the same harmonious pulse. 


Crystal bowl mediations are ideal for both the beginner and the regular meditation practitioner. For those new to meditation, the sound of crystal bowls fills the mind with sound overtaking the constant chatter of internal dialogue allowing the individual to experience stillness of mind in a more easily accessible way.  


For the regular mediation practitioner who can relax into a stillness of mind while listening to the Crystal Bowls, their mediation is taken to a new level through the experience of ‘neutral entrainment’. Neutral entrainment refers to the capacity of naturally synchronizing brainwave frequencies to the same resonance frequencies of the Crystal Bowls, entraining the body to the harmonious pulse of 7.83Hz, promoting optimal emotional and physical homeostasis.  


It is a widely accepted quantum physics principle that being exposed to the vibration of 8 cycles of sound per second (Hertz per second), entrains the human body to the natural biorhythm similar to the state of deep sleep.  This is why so many people feel rejuvenated, relaxed and well rested after experiencing a Crystal Bowl mediation session. 

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