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I AM Love Transformation Bands 


If you have attended a Grace Love Peace event in person, you may have received either an I AM Love Transformation band or a band as a gift from one of our 'Peace Partner' business.  The I AM Love bands were born out of a most asked question… “how do I remain in conscious awareness when my life is so busy?"  


If the sole purpose of the Inner Critic is to keep our attention focused externally, reinforcing its negative thought patterns based on fear and seeking love approval externally, then the I AM Love band meets the Inner Critic where it is focused - externally. When you see the band on your wrist, it is an external reminder to go within and check in on your internal world.  


The I AM Love transformation bands are light activated - when indoors they are translucent white, in daylight, they turn luminescent purple.  The words I AM… Love are embossed on the outside and the words I AM love and lovable exactly as I AM embossed on the inside of the band.

When you see the band on your wrist, feel the texture of the embossing again your skin, or see the change in colour in the light. These are invitations to check in on your inner dialogue and ask yourself:  


  • WHERE are my thoughts at the moment? 

  • WHO is in charge at the moment, the inner critic or the Inner witness? 

  • WHAT am I experiencing in this moment? 


The more attention we pay to our inner dialogue, the more choice we have in choosing our experience, by choosing who we are allowing to run the show inside our head.

The Inner Witness observes without judgment, for judging and condemning your Inner Critic is an act of self-condemnation. The Goal is not to annihilate, shame and destroy the Inner Critic, but to love it back into harmony. Your Inner Critic was born from the wounds of your inner child so it needs to be treated like any child - it has to be treated with love to know how to be loving.    


Your Inner Witness is the master observer and peacekeeper of our inner world. The more we stand still in the space of the Inner Witness, the quicker the Inner Critic relaxes its defensiveness and stills its chatter.  The Inner Critic learns to give over to the wisdom of the Inner Witness which, in turn, gently and lovingly guides us directly to our True Self.   


When you meet your True Self, It happens in a holy instant!  It is an astonishing realization that you are loved and lovable exactly as you are, that you are not the mutterings of the Inner Critic.  It is an experiential knowingness of who you truly are, and when it happens, the beauty of it is… you can’t un-know what you now know!  When you know your True Self...Inner Peace becomes a natural state of being. 


Meeting your True Self is an organic, natural event.  When the Inner Witness is in charge, it is only a matter of time before an event will happen in your life and your instantaneous response will be from your True self. It will be a loving response both internally and externally.   You will realize the Inner Critic is tamed, Your Inner Witness is more powerful then you can imagine and Your True Self is pure Divinity.  This is a re-ordering of consciousness… This is the definition of a Miracle.  


It is very important to remember, you need do nothing other than observe. Awakening is an organic process, it is not about changing yourself, fixing yourself or searching for your true self. It is about presence - being in the present moment is where miracles happen, being in the present moment silences the Inner Critic, strengthens the inner witness and make space for our True Self to step forward.       


You know you are living in your True Self when you are living from a place of authentic self-love and unwavering self-worth.   


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