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 Starting Your Journey of

Abundant Self-Love & Unwavering Self-Worth

On the following pages, you will find the foundation teachings of Grace Love Peace, and your roadmap to abundant-self love and unwavering self-worth.   


You'll begin by getting to know your

Three Inner Aspects of Being: 

The Inner Critic 

The Inner Witness  

Your True Self 


You’ll discover each aspect of being has a different agenda and distinct voice that drives your internal dialogue. Once you understand each aspect of being, you will move onto daily action tools that will assist you in freeing yourself from the limiting belief system of the Inner Critic. 


By using either The AM Love Meditation Transformation Band or the  Daily Awareness Practice you will quickly discover how to engage your Inner Witness to ‘observe without judgement’ the actions of the Inner Critic and return you to your birthright of genuine inner peace.    


There are also a number of guided meditations to deepen and embody your new way of being, 


The I AM Love Meditation - works with the subconsciousness mind to release limiting beliefs and the negative internal dialogue of the Inner Critic. 


The Yoga Nidra Meditation engages the conscious and subconscious mind, awakening the Inner Witness by encouraging non-judgmental observation of the physical sensations in your body and emotional experiences during your practice.   


The Serenity of Breath Meditation is a guided meditation to bring your mind into a state of stillness so you self-guided through the five levels of emotional awareness.  


Crystal Bowl Instrumental Meditations, here you will find, an archive of live meditation event recordings.  Each recording is listed by event name and date.  


Inner peace, abundant self-love & unwavering self-worth is your birthright. By undoing the negative beliefs of the ‘Inner Critic', and the limitations of your 'human persona' you are returned to the sacred knowledge that you know You are LOVE and LOVABLE exactly as You are!   


By engaging these simple yet effective tools you will organically awaken to a new way of being, expanding peace, harmony, fulfilment, joy and unconditional love into every aspect of your being and your life.  

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