The Hoffman Process is a profound experience that creates authentic self-love and self-compassion, which is the fundamental component for wholeness and healing.  


What is the Hoffman Process? The Hoffman Process is a unique, intensive, psycho-emotional education program that helps you discover who you really are. Empowering and freeing you to make conscious choices that will improve your relationship with yourself and with the people around you. During the Process, you are taught tools and techniques to help you change the old behavioural patterns that are preventing you from feeling fully alive, living in authentic joy and truly loving your life. 


The Process has been established for more than 50 years, in 15 countries, and has benefitted more than 100,000 people from all walks of life. It is recommended by many medical and health professionals and has been the subject of extensive scientific research. (which you can read more about below) People come out of the Process with a deep experience of their own resilience, a greater sense of life’s possibilities, and ready to embrace change.


The Hoffman Process is intensive, transformational work experienced in a small group setting. Because it requires a commitment to lasting change, we recommend you only do The Process if and when you’re ready.  Below is more information about the Hoffman process for you to assess if this is the right time in your life to claim your True Self, and release the negative patterns, beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you. 


In the below video Dr Joan Borysenko PhD. explains The Hoffman Process:  

 "The Hoffman Process is the finest and most complete expression of what healing and spirituality are all about,

it’s like having 10 years of therapy condensed into a week-long retreat".  Dr. Joan Borysenko. PhD. 

This next video explains one of the key foundation teachings of The Hoffman Process:​

The following media articles are from graduates sharing their experience of The Hoffman Process: 


North American Hoffman Process Graduates in the Media 


United Kingdom Hoffman Process Graduates in the Media. 


The Hoffman Process is about creating lasting change.  Unlike many self-development retreats the Hoffman Process is focused on experiential embodiment and lasting change.  The process has been evaluated, observed, researched and tested by world-renowned  institutions such as:  


  • Harvard University 

  • Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government 

  • Mind-Body Clinic at Harvard University 

  • Department of Neurology, McLean Hospital at Harvard University.

  • University of California 

  • Stanford University Graduate School of Business. 

  • Fliedner Hospital (Düsseldorf, Germany) 

  • University of Deusto, Spain 


Read about The findings of these research studies in the below PDF: The Science of The Hoffman Process. 

The free e-book: The Hoffman Process: A Path to Personal Freedom and Love.  Is an extensive overview of The Hoffman Process, clearly explaining the Negative Love Syndrome and The Quadrinity, the four inner aspects of being.  

The Hoffman Process is for individuals who are serious about change.  It is a profoundly life-changing experience.  To assess if the Hoffman Process is right for you at this time in your life, contact the friendly Canadian enrolment support team: 

Phone:  1-800-741-3449 and speak to our friendly enrollment team. 

Web Contact:  Click here to get more information sent to you electronically. 

Use the self-assessment tool to see if you are ready for change: 

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