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I AM LOVE Meditation.   


It is only by quieting the loud, reactionary voice of the inner critic that the voice of your True Self, the voice of your Soul consciousness, can be heard clearly, for it is in the space of stillness that we meet our True Self.   


By using the symbolism of the Violet Flame, the subconscious becomes receptive to releasing negative thought patterns, moods, beloefis and behaviours created by the Inner Critic.  


The power of the I AM Love affirmations awakens the subconscious, deepening your inner well of self-compassion, self-love and self-worth. 


Time: 13 minutes. 13 seconds. 


Recommended use: Listen to this meditation daily while transitioning from the illusionary thinking of the Inner Critic into I AM Consciousness, where your True Self lives. This meditation has the most transformative effect if used in conjunction with a Daily Awareness Practice.  and/or the I AM Love Transformation Band.    


Better understand the elements of the I AM Love Meditation. 


What is I AM Consciousness?  

I AM consciousness is the pure unconditional love of Divine Universal Source Energy. It is known as ‘I AM’ or ‘I AM Presence’.  Its the frequency and vibration of the quantum field of infinite potential that makes up every single piece of matter in the physical plane in which we exist. It is the unseen power of creation that naturally and organically transforms an acorn into an oak tree or a fetus into a living, breathing, functioning human being.  It is the universal power greater than yourself! It is all-knowing, all-forgiving and all-loving.  


I AM Presence is the one Truth, untainted from man-made rules and limitations of religious indoctrination. It is pure, it is unconditional, and it already exists within you - it’s just that your I AM Consciousness got clouded by the Inner Critic as the human Ego/personality developed. Our soul's purpose in any lifetime is to return to our I AM Presence by living in I AM Consciousness, a space of abundant self-love and unwavering self-worth.   


What is the Violet Flame? 

Just as light divides into seven colours when it travels through a prism, the frequencies of Source Energy divides into seven energetic rays as it travels from the I AM Presence into the physical plane of human consciousness. Each ray (also referred to as flames) has a specific colour and energy which realte to each Chakra in the body.   


Purple is the colour of the 7th ray, hence ‘The Violet Flame’. Its positive action is freedom and transmutation through self-compassion and self-love.  Using the violet flame in meditation releases stagnant energies that no longer serve you. It transmutes and releases false illusions the Inner Critic holds with an open heart and without judgment, gently shifting you out of negative subconsious patterns created by the Inner Critic into I AM Consciousness, the place your True Self lives.       


What are Chakras? 

We have hundreds of chakras in and around our physical body, yet there are seven main ones which align along the spine, starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. Charkas are energy centres which govern the energetic flow through our physical and energetic bodies. Often when our emotions are out of balance, these energy centres become blocked which can manifest physically - as illness, aches or pains in the body, or emotionally - as anxiety or depression. This is why it’s beneficial to know which centres are which and to balance them regularly.  


The Crown Chakra is the 7th chakra, and its energetic colour is purple. The violet flame is the 7th ray of spiritual transformation, and its energetic colour is purple. The I AM Love Transformation band change from white, the energetic colour of cleansing unconditional love, to purple - the energetic colour of spiritual transformation.  Are you starting to see a connection?  All threads lead back to the one Truth, the Truth that you are abundantly enough exactly as you are, for you are love and lovable exactly as you are.   These practices are simply a reminder of what already is.  It moves the consciousness from intellectual knowledge into an unwavering, heart centred knowingness.     


Here is a map of the 7 Chakras:  



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