100% of registration fees collected for Grace Love Peace Meditation Gatherings in 2020 will be donated directly to registered Australian charities, to assist the nation in rebuilding after catastrophic bush fires that have devistated much of the country. 


Each time you invest in your self care by attending a Grace Love Peace Meditation Gathering this year, you will be in turn giving to those in need in Australia.  


Please note: for ethical reasons Grace Love Peace has chosen not to accept additional donations at meditation gatherings. If you feel inclined to give, we encourage you to give directly.  Below is a list of registered and reputable Australian Charities working tirelessly to help rebuild during the ongoing devastation.  

Where can I donate to help Australia?

Below you can read more about each Charity, so you can decide where to give your support:  

The Rural Fire Service: As of January 2020, New South Wales and Victoria are the two states hardest hit by the blazes, you can donate directly to the state fire authority or to a local fire brigade, many of which are volunteer-based and have been  fighting on the front lines since September 2019, when the bushfire crisis began. 


New South Wales Rural Fire Service 


Victoria Rural Fire Service 


Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal: This Australian nonprofit is raising funds to distribute as grants to rural and regional communities for disaster recovery projects. The grants could be used to repair community infrastructure, provide psychological support to those affected and more. Donate frrr.org.au.


WIRES: The New South Wales-based Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc., Australia's largest wildlife rescue organization, is accepting donations to fund the rescue and care of animals affected by the fires. In December, WIRES received more than 20,000 calls for help and volunteers attended more than 3,300 rescues. All animal rescuers are volunteers. Learn more or donate at wires.org.au.


RSPCA Australia: The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Australia, the nation's leading animal welfare charity, is accepting donations to fund the rescue and treatment of animals affected by the fires. RSPCA chapters in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia are accepting donations.  Learn more or donate at RSCPA. 


Australian Koala Foundation: This foundation allows you to "adopt" a koala through a symbolic foster program; your monthly fee funds protection efforts for wild koalas. You can also pay to "plant a tree" to help restore koala habitat. The foundation is also asking that Koala lovers to write letters to politicians in support of the Koala Protection Act. Learn more or donate to the Australian Koala Foundation. 


Thinking of donating to another organization? First, check out the organisation on the Australian Charities and Non-Profits Commission's, Charity Watch Web Page.

A real life look at the devastation. This is a news clip of the loss suffered Wytaliba, a neighbouring village to the home town of Grace Love Peace founder Kylie Delfino. As of January 2020, the fires are still raging across the country. Please lend your support if you can.  

There is one word which may serve as a rule of practice for all one's life... Reciprocity.

~ Confucius ~ 




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